Ask 100 Nigerian youths Who’s Minister of
Youths??? You will get no result. Ask them What
are the agenda to
develop a country? How could Nigeria come out
of the National Economy crisis and other social
infrastructural problems? Many would tell you
“I’m not interested in all that, ask politicians”.
In fact these are people who find it difficult to
attain 2″1 grade in University.
Yet All social media have been bombarded with
the “Societal Problems”
called Artistes; Olamide and Don-Jazzy feud…
These are people who have contributed to the
vices of young Nigerians, by uneducated
What message has Olamide passed to Nigerians?
Lil Kesh? and the rest..
We know 2face, We know ASA, and few others.
This is not religious perspective at all,
it’s a thing of common sense. In the pursuit of
Westernization, called Civilization,
these guys have negatively influenced the lil kids.
Unfortunately, these are
the same people the last Administration “dashed”
N1bn, and one of them who got a child out of
wedlock was
honoured by a Governor who paid a visit, with
cash. Headies, different Idols, plus other
awarding bodies are also the pathogenic viruses
who encourage the spread of immoralities..
Yet No one is ready to curb this nonsense.. If
DonJazzy and Olamide should fight,
is that more important than our soldiers having
sleepless nights and days in Sambisa Forest
defending all of us. How can Davido’s or Wizkids’
award affect our next
and subsequent generations positively??? The
National status does not even bother the youths,
The president just confessed he knows Nigerians
are in pains, are we really in pains, when
poor men that find it tough to pay for internet
services, fight for the Billionaire Advocates of
who don’t even care about your family. It seems
many youths are injected and
been demoralised. Until they hear the news of
looters looting $20b, they would start wailing,
cursing, nagging,
dominating and reacting. Such will continue
happening, ’cause many of us devoted time for
Olamide and DonJazzy.
Just stroll to Ahmadu Bello way, Kano and tell me
what you see in Marvin’s house..
These guys have made it out of their promotion
of immorality. We really need to think, wise up
and rise up.
One OAU student ( Segun Oyeyilola,electrical
engineering) recently designed a solar driven car;
LAUTECH student also has just designed a flying
Jet, no one cares to know about the stories,
let alone think of promoting the good course.
Many Talents are being sacrificed for Street louts,
school drop outs, who exploited your brain to
make it.
“I want to do Zina (Shina) todaaaay”, ” Shakiti
bobo, were lo ba de”,
“Ki n Maa Jedi, ki n maa ladi, Iranu Abasha”
“Dorobucci..” etc,
are winning awards and you are carried away,
while Highest GPA wins a laptop…
And you fail to agree with Soyinka that this
Generation is dead on arrival?
Nay! we need to wise up Naija Youths.
Alinson Madueke would easily use our
Commonwealth to pay Olamide plus DonJazzy to
at her daughter’s wedding, while we continue
buying a litre of PMS at N200. At least we
are not blind to see all these guys at Political
rallies and campaigns of politicians.
We are in a secular state, No one disputes that,
but have we lost our common sense???
I don’t have problem with these guys, but are we
just blind and deaf to the lyrics and
the way of life they promote? An artiste sang a
# VoteNotFight or # VoteNotWar, another sang #
One Nigeria amongst others,
No one nominates them for any award. why? the
songs did not “hit” or “rock”.. lol.
something is wrong with Africans’ brains.
Recently, we(youths) are reposting a message
that the likes of Abacha, Buhari, Obasanjo e.t.c
started ruling Nigeria from their late twenties.
And that we also want/need to be given
opportunity to rule.
Gaskiya! We are not ready; a generation that
celebrates noise!
We need to get things right before it will be too

Long live Nigeria!

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