The death that is taking away a pair is talking in parable. From time immemorial societies have witnessed the rise of men of exceptionalities who by reasons of their great courage, physical strenght, intellectual dexterity, thuggery, pilfering, etc rose to social limelight.

In this regard, we can talk of Achilis, Elemosho, Bashorun Gaa, Alaafin Sango and many men of awe-inspiring physical and spiritual strenght.
They so much believe in their spiritual edifices that they believe no mortal could harm them.

What is common to those historical figures is that they died ignominously. Achilis was a Greek. His mother dipped him inside river Stynx so that no man born of a woman could harm him. Yet, he died by the sword of a trojan.
Elemosho had the magic to disappear, mutate and metamorphose into anything he felr like. He terrorized the ancient people of Oyo with his voodoo. Yet he was captured and beheaded by Soun Ogunmola.

Bashorun Gaa played God in the old Oyo empire despite not made a king. He enthroned and dethroned the Alaafins at will and also silenced the Oyomesi at wills. Yet, he was killed by a commoner with a magic he believed could not harm him.
Alaafin Sango was a terrorist. He received the gift of fire from the Nupe magicians, and also learnt the magical earth of striking his enemies with place bound thunder. Yet, he committed suicide because he could not confront Gbonka (his general) in a challenge.
Such is the lot of people, who out of ignorance and foolishness, reposed their trust and confidence on magic.
Now that Bayo Ajia has been sent packing into gangstas paradise, will other hired political thugs and assasins in Kwara learn a lesson?


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