5 Damaging Things You Are Unconsciously Doing To Your Hair


When it comes to the hair, it’s really those little foxes that spoil the vine. The effect our everyday habits have on our tresses is much worse than the effect those weekly or monthly treatments have. They not only do harm, they also nullify the results we hope to get from our hair products. There are a lot of things you do every day that causes major and possibly long-term damage to your hair, here are 5 of them.

1. Over Combing

Hair doesn’t like to be stressed and excessive combing can do more harm than good. Excessive combing of hair is a major reason why split ends tend to spread upwards on our stands of hair, and this could lead to you cutting off chunks of your hair to fix the problem.

2. Relaxing Your Ends

This is very dangerousprovincealthy for your hair, the hair is made of living cells, excessive use of chemicals can kill or weaken these cells. Relaxers strip the hair of its natural proteins and nutrients.

3. Overworking Your Hair

Hair can only withstand so much. And like every other part of our body, it needs to rest. Some of us relax our hair and then immediately do braids or fix a weave! That is so not good for your hair. You should leave your hair to rest after relaxing for at least 3 days. It’s also wrong to bleach, dye or use a flat iron on your hair.

4. Using Wrong Products

Always make sure the products you are using for your hair are authentic and actually meant for hair. Especially shampoos! dish washing liquid soaps do not qualify as shampoos and products that contain alcohol are not good for hair.

5. Blanketing with Pomade

Hair creams are meant for your scalp mainly but you can also use it sparingly on your ends. Do not apply too much oil and cream to your hair, it makes it hard for cells to breathe.


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