The Wise King

In a far away land, there was a beautiful kingdom with a unique rule, which said, “Anyone may become the king, and he will be given all rights to govern the country for 5 years. But after the 5 years, he will be detained, his body will be tied, and he will be thrown away to a remote island, [where the jungle is thick and there are plenty of wild animals and no humans].

The first who came forward said, “OK, I am ready to be the king. And he was a king for 5 years, and enjoyed his position. He threw big parties, went to many beautiful places, married many women, collected many luxurious things and did whatever pleased him. This went on till one day he woke up, to find soldiers in his palace who said, “We came here under the order of constitution. You were a king for 5 years, and now the time has come when we should seize you and take you to the remote island.

The king knew that this time would come, but had not realized how quickly the time had passed. He had enjoyed himself in the paste 5 years but now he had to leave everything, and would be thrown in the very dangerous island. He was very scared but could do nothing and had to accept his destiny with tears in his eyes. The soldiers put the dethroned king in jungle and did not care about what would happen to him. All they heard were the voices of wild animals and the long scream of the former king. And then silence again.

Back in the kingdom, the constitution was still effective.

And now, there was a 2nd king. He too behaved like the 1st king, enjoying an extravagant life, and was faced with the same fate, till the voice of wild animals mixed with his scream was heard after he was thrown in the island.

This went on for a long time, with each person becoming King, and following their predecessors. Laugh in the beginning, and cry in the end.

One day, a young man came and declared his wish to be a King. By constitution he was granted his wish. He would be a king for 5 years before being thrown away to the island. But he being wise, realized that his time was short, and all luxuries, and power would come to an end.

So after much thinking, he decided that he will use all of his power, resources, time etc, to prepare his life at the remote island.

In the 1st year he sent troops, veterinarians, and animal trainers to the dangerous island. The mission was to control the population of wild animals there or domesticate them for good use. Well the mission was so huge that it consumed a lot of the country’s resources. But it was the king’s decision and he had the power. So, all resources that had been used by previous kings to have fun, now was used by the new king in this strange mission. He really dedicated all of his energy to the mission which became successful.

In the 2nd year, he sent a lot of farmers to the island to start agriculture there.

In the 3rd year, he made a lot of facilities on the island – from electricity to a hospital.

In the 4th year, he sent a lot of educated people like engineers, accountants, and many others to the island.

In the 5th year, he sent his friends and his relatives to the island.

And finally the time came when the king had to be thrown away to the island. In the morning of the big day, the king smiled his widest smile ever in 5 years. When many strong soldiers caught and roped him, his smile grew wider. And finally he laughed a great laugh when the soldiers threw him to the island.

Now, why wouldn’t he laugh? While the previous kings found a thick jungle and many wild animals when they were thrown there, the last king found everything he needed for a comfortable and happy life with his dear ones.

The story has a very good lesson for all of us. Actually every one of us is like the king. We are given time to live in this world and do whatever we want. But after the time ends, we will be seized by the Angel of death, will be roped in a coffin, then finally thrown away to a very dark & dangerous place (grave, with its snakes, scorpions etc)

So many people are tricked by their life in the world. All they do in this world is have fun, and forget that the time will come when they will face a very different situation. No amount of regrets and pleading can change the situation then.

But the wise, righteous people prepare their next life in the after world, just like the wise king. This people will face death with a smile, because a pleasant life in Paradise is awaiting them. #copied

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