Assalam alaekum. Regarding the message earlier sent this morning concerning muslim sisters in Hijab being disallowed to sit for JAMB exam today 29/02/16 at
Daleware lnstitute of Technology, 31-33 Bode Thomas rd, off shyllion str., palmgroove. When I got to the scene, I leant those that agreed to remove their hijab have gained entrance to the hall. I was particularly touched when I heard of a sister who was crying profusely and covering her face with her hand in shame after removing her hijab. I have earlier instructed my sister not to remove her hijab until I come around. I demanded to speak with the Jamb official in that centre, he told me that the matter is with the centre. It was then I fully realised that the issue is just one of the attempts of enemies of islam to embarrass our sisters. They latter told me that they will grant my sister the grace to write her paper on personal and compassionate ground. I told them that am not there for my sisters case but for entire generality of sisters in hijab. Latter, other brother joined me In the struggle. He went to Unilag to mobilise brothers and sisters to the centre. Mcan officials also got the message and came around. People are calling from different part of the country. The management of the centre felt the signal and realise they may not be able to sustain the lingering heat. They quickly retrace their step and rescind their decision. We asked them to remove the message at their entrance which forbid the use of hijab at the centre. They swiftly comply. They went on begging my sisters to appeal to his brothers that they meant no harm. We waited to ensure that sisters on afternoon batch didn’t face similar trouble.
The enemies of Islam are just unnecessarily victimising our sisters for no just course. This is just one of such cases.
I want to sincerely appreciate everyone involved in this ideological war today even if it is by re broadcasting this message to intimate those that read the earlier version with the latest development. Also, I personally appreciate different calls received from different quarters of the country. To you all, I say jazakumulLahu khaeran.

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