Dear husbands,
Being the amir of your house is not just about being the commander or inspector general of your crib, akhi, am not here to teach you how to take care of your wife, am only here to remind you about somethings you have stopped doing for her!
Ask yourself, was this how your marriage was in its early days?
Why has the romantic words stopped?
Why has the gifts and texts stopped?
Why has the nasheeds u do sing for her stopped?
Why has ur romantic voice for her turned into a gorilla’s voice?
Why has d jokes and fun around d house stopped?
Why has assisting her in d kitchen stopped?
Why did u get married to ur phone along d line?
With ur phone, u don’t need calculators, calendar, wrist watch and maps again, but atleast don’t let ur phone also take u away from your wife.
Your wife is in d kitchen holding d baby in one hand and breastfeeding him, and steering d soup wit her other hand, yet u are in d parlour wit ur legs on d table watching film wit one eyes and reading newspapers wit d other eyes?
And tomorrow u see ur self as a sunnatic husband!
When she complains dat she needs ur assistance in d kitchen,
You’d be like: did u allow me to get a housegirl?
Why a housegirl, why don’t u get a houseBOY for her and let’s see if u won’t have d same “fear” she has about housegirls!
Akhi, imagine entering ur matrimonial room tonight, but u are all alone in d room, d room is no longer “pink” its now “blackish” because u just finished observing ur wife’s janazah and u just buried her?
Appreciate ur wife NOW, for u don’t know what the next one hour has to offer!
The prophet salallahu alayhi wassalam was married to over 11 wives yet he never made them shed a tear for even one day, today many men cannot even manage just one wife witout making her cry every month!
What a moment of reflection…..
That ur wife doesn’t shed a phsyical tear doesn’t mean she doesn’t cry, the weeping of d heart is worse than the physical tear! Women are more of emotional than intellectual, she may weep internally all night and u won’t even know.
Men are more of intellectual than emotional, use ur intellect to keep her happy! For she is someone’s daughter, she is an “egg”, if u wouldn’t want ur egg cracked, do not crack someone’s egg too!
Many are men who come to facebook to post:
“20 ways to keep ur wife happy”
Yet his own wife is dying for his attention at home and he is too busy for her bcos of “chatting”.
Your wife is lying down beside u looking at u, yet u don’t even know because you are busy arguing aqeedah issues on a whatsapp group the whole evening!
Akhi, before you come to facebook to give marriage success tips, make sure ur own marriage is succesful first!
Rekindle d love in ur home today, don’t let ur niqabite shed another tear ever again, bcos a tear contains 1% water and 99% feelings!
When a wife has a good husband, its easily seen on her face!
When a husband has a good wife, its easily seen in his skin.
May Allah rectify our homes, amin

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