SENATE AND IT’S DRAMA. The Senate proposed a bill to amend CCT act to limit the tribunal’s power in
an effort to frustrate the trial of its Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki. That’s right you know, it
is within their power to abuse the law. Within few days of proposing the amendment, the Senate gave it an
accelerated reading and it is now in second reading. Fantastic, Very fantastic I must say. However, that is
where the power of the Senate ends. It is now the turn of CCT to act and yesterday, Justice Danladi Umar
of the CCT rose to the challenge. He announced that henceforth, the trial of the Senate President shall take
place every day from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. Wow, that was massive. Nobody saw that coming
and I must confess, that was more like an upper cut against the Senate. Umar technically shut the door of
the Senate against Bukola Saraki, indirectly telling the Senate that, you can go ahead with your
amendment to CCT act, while I quickly round up the case at hand. Lol.. All efforts by Agabi, the old man
defending Saraki’s corruption to link the Senate to the case was clearly rubbished. According to Justice
Umar, the Senate is not on trial. Let the Senate continue to sit, at least you have 108 members there. The
only person on trial is the Senate President. This is a technical knock out for Saraki if you ask me. If the
CCT sits every day, Saraki can no longer preside over the Senate and within few weeks, the CCT matter
would be rounded up. But trust the sinators, they would not take this lightly. Actually, they didn’t. They
responded with the speed of light. Immediately the CCT chairman announced the day to day trail of Saraki,
the Senate sent an invitation letter to the fair judge, ordering him to appear before it failingly by Thursday.
This is it, I told you, Senate would respond and they have, but Justice Umar didn’t wait a bit to respond
either , he fired back with immediate effect. According to the CCT chairman, I am too busy to honor the
Senate right now. I have a job, and until after I finish this job is completed, I can’t come to the Senate.
From Monday to Friday, between 10 am – 6pm, I would be busy in court, carrying out my official duty as a
judge, and to me, every other thing is secondary. So, the Senate should wait until I finish the job at hand, I
am most sincerely sorry for keeping you waiting. Oboy, no be small thing oo. Umar no dey look Uche face
oo, abi how you see am? How the Senate would respond now is a puzzle. From another angle, Some
people are saying Saraki shouldn’t honor the court since the judge had failed to honor the Senate, but this
argument is very lame, foolish and funny. You ask me why? Okay, let me explain. You should know that,
any attempt to try that is suicide, I mean real suicide. The judge would simply issue a bench warrant for
Saraki’s arrest and he would be remanded in okekura or kirikiri prison. Shikena. Don’t forget, this is a
criminal matter, should the accused criminal fail to honor the court, the judge would have no option than
keep him behind bar. You must understand that technically, Saraki is an unconfirmed innocent criminal.
Should the court be forced to issue an order for his arrest again, that would make it the second time and I
can assure you he would have to becoming for the remaining trial from one corner of kuje prison. I need to
catch a road flight, see you later. Bye

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