With ease in transaction across the border and decentralized frame, Bitcoin transactions are the clear sign of digital evolution and also said to be immune to inflation. In user perspective, an open-source platform like Bitstrades and other such site makes it convenient to buy, sell and trade BitCoins with other reliable members. With this medium of financial exchange, one can set his own virtual ledger or ‘blockchain’ without being subjected to any influence of Government or any other centralized body and maintaincertain anonymity.

One of the ways Bitstrades investors can experience instant growth is by Bitstrades lending that has made profits to many and has continued to maintain that fiscal caliber. All you need to do is follow the belowmentioned process and you can be a part of decentralized banking.

A) Deposit BitCoin on given BitCoin deposit address
First and foremost, one has to buy Bitstrades Coin in the first place from BSS Exchange with BitCoins. Once BitCoin sent to BitCoin address You will see unconfirmed status which will be fully confirmed and available for trade with 3 BitCoin network confirmations. It can take around 30 minutes or more, solely based on the network. Once You get the confirmed status you can proceed with further steps for asmart investment.

B) Buy Bitstrades Coins from BSS (Bitstrades Coin) Exchange
After the successful transaction, digital wallet comes into picture which is the initial and crucial stage of such transaction. Simply buy the Bitstrades coins from BSS Exchange and you are all set to invest your digital currency. Remember, if your bid price is lower than seller asks price, your BitCoins goes into your escrow account until successful trade execution. Since the platform is an open-source you can easily evaluate and verify the balance and other details.

C) Lend your BSS or simply invest in EURO
At this stage, the investors can choose from lending or invest from BSS Wallet. It’s indispensable to read the terms and regulations to monetize an explicit deal. A small fee is deducted and paid to blockchain while sending bitcoins to another wallet. This way both the investors and the transaction medium make aprofit.

D) Earn daily as per volatility software
A software is involved which calculates the interest rate occurred on your investment on a daily basis. Lend Bitstrades Coins in Bitstrades lending platform exclusively from the Bitstrades Dashboard and this investment will lead to profiting from Bitstrades trading bot and volatility software. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your Capital back to take out from the Bitstrades lending platform or optionally reinvest back in lending a platform to continue receiving daily profit. BitCoins are volatile and the software is designed to meet these changes offering a variable interest as perBitCoin market fluctuations.

So here it is, a secure and transparent system following supply and demand model providing financial freedom and stable income. Join the new era of cryptocurrency revolution and stay independent from the conventional banking methods!

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