What comes to your mind when you hear Bitcoin?
Anonymity? Privacy? Hassle-free transactions? Low fees? Investment?
What if we tell you there’s something that’s way faster, secure, anonymous and cheaper than Bitcoin?
What Is The World’s Fastest Blockchain?
Although many cryptos out there are laying claims to having built the fastest blockchains (an argument that won’t be debated here), a reality check for some of the most popular currencies revealed this:
Bitcoin – 10 minute block times (estimated)
Litecoin – 2.5 minute block times
Ethereum – 15 second block times
Ripple – 3-5 second ledger closes
Demicoin – 2-second ledge closes (more of this is explained in the whitepaper)
Yes, you read that right. With Demicoin, your block confirmations are done in less than a second, with the whole transaction taking just about two seconds for total completion.
Privacy, Anonymity
Although Demicoin will have a 24/7 support team on ground, the privacy of transactions on our platform is about 99% guaranteed. The identity of our team who have worked on some of the most successful cryptos on Coinmarketcap today, will be kept in secret, at least for now, in order to maintain total anonymity and privacy of the coin.
Are we talking too much?
Lets get down too business.
Total supply = 20,000,000 Demicoins (DEC)
ICO supply = 15,251,453 DEC
ICO price= $0.25(Nov27 – Dec3); $0.50(Dec4 – Dec10); $0.75(Dec11 – Dec17); $1.00(Dec18 – Dec24); $1.25(Dec25 – Dec28);
During our pre-ICO which starts soon and lasts till November 26, users can register for 20 free DEC tokens. 10 DEC tokens will be credited to users for each successful registration referral during pre-ICO period.
Investors who buy Demicoin ICO and Demicoins (post-ICO) can lend us their Demicoins and make daily profits in return.
Demicoin will be on Coinmarketcap, Bitrex and as well as other exchanges and market cap listing platforms.

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