Each member is able to refer other members and invite them into the platform, if someone uses your referral link to sign up they will now be in your downline for life.

Any time they purchase tokens from the exchange you’ll receive 1% of the transaction in BTC credited directly to your account. Through the referral section of the platform you’ll be able to easily track and record each transaction and monitor the growth of your network. The more members you refer who are active in building our community the more rewards you gain.

*ICO purchases of the tokens are paid out at a rate of 3% in BTC credited to your account. Once the ICO is complete if those members buy any tokens on the exchange you will receive the normal 1% as per above.

Use your referral link…

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Hello, everyone. I have a lot of knowledge and experience in Graphics Design, Advertising, Marketing & Publicity,so I'm looking forward to work with anyone who needs help. High quality, fast and accurate job I am in the multimedia business for many years and I deal with graphics, image work - I do it all Professionally and 100% reliable. Let's work!

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