Hey Friend, this ARTICLE will oversimplify the

concept of bitcoin & crypto currency for you…

…but lets start by understanding that thousands of

books have been published on this topic, millions

of articles & videos have been made…

…and, from time to time, globally, a lot of conferences

with this agenda happen as well.

but, I want to keep it educative, without going into

a lot of details…

as Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

says…KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid

every currency which you know of, is regulated or

centralised by some authority. eg- Federal Reserve System

in case of $USD

Bitcoin is the first decentralised currency.

Bitcoins are digital coins, which you can send/receive

on the internet.

Why do people love bitcoins? (advantages?)

no banks needed – transferred peer to peer
that’s why, the transfer fee is much lower
you can use them all across the globe
your account cannot be frozen/no prerequisites/limits
you can buy anything with bitcoins.

Bitcoin has made people fortune, it started with

about $0.008 and $20,000 is the highest it has been

Because of the success of bitcoin, many more

cryptocurrencies have emerged in the market…

…in different domains.

bitcoin was a success because it was the first crypto

currency, thus it picked up popularity and its here to

stay for long, because of its utility and benefits…

…similarly, for any new crypto currency, the success

will be determined by its utility…

…if its solving a problem in the world, it’ll be useful.

If it’ll be useful, it’ll be valuable. thus, it’ll be a valuable

asset to have in your portfolio of investments

secret to making a LOT OF MONEY with cryptocurrency:

one of strategies is to trade crypto, get in & get out

at the right time, and do this daily/weekly/monthly…

…but one of the secrets to making BIG money, is to

get into an opportunity at the ground floor

with Bitcoins, there are people who have turned their

$3000 investments into $25 Million.

right now, you have one such opportunity knocking

your doors…”Knock Knock”, do you hear it, ?

Its with the ‘Basic Income’

what makes ‘Basic Income Token’ exciting, is that it solves

one of the biggest problems in the world,

=> poverty

thus, when it hits the market, and becomes a cryptocurrency,

there’s going to be a uncontrollable buying FRENZY in the market…

…because everyone wants to idea of basic income to come

to reality…

the gold rush is about to happen…

…and you can be a part of it.

the good news- you don’t have to pay anything to

earn Basic Income Tokens, you can claim 100 tokens/day

plus, if you refer people, you can get 500 tokens/referral.

as of now, referring other people is the only way to

get your hands on maximum number of tokens.

Lets get to some action, and crush it! πŸ™‚

– Team Basic Income

P.S also our big focus is to keep bringing awesome opportunities to basic income family so you are expierencing more and more abundance in ur life

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