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About Us

The Team

U.T ATOYEGBE (CEO, co-founder)

ATOYEGBE is the CEO and co-founder of DXCLUSIVE Findings (DEF), a website of more than thousands who capture and share the world’s moments on the site. He is responsible for the website overall designs, mission, vision and strategy as well as day to day activities.

Since the beginning, ATOYEGBE has focused on simplicity and inspiring in creativity through spreading useful message, knowledge and experience with thoughtful ideas, services, products & program designed. As a result, DXCLUSIVE Findings (DEF) has become the home for visual storytelling and promotion of goods, products, business and services for everyone with great passion all over the World.

H.T OLAWOYE (Publicity lead, co-founder)

OLAWOYE is the Advertising, Marketing and Publicity lead and co-founder of DXCLUSIVE Findings (DEF), a global community that shares more unique, creative knowledge, Ideas, Products & Services everyday. As the head of Publicity, OLAWOYE focuses on building products and services that brings out the CREATIVITY in all of us.

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